GZL PCR Enhancer

Developed by GZL Bioscience,PCR Enhancer(Cat.NO.G-ENH-001)is able to enhance polymerase chain reaction by stimulating strand displacement and helping primers find prime sites. It can work with almost all DNA polymerase and give rise to better yield and higher specificity.


Long Fragment Replication

GZL PCR Enhancer can word with various DNA polymerases and help amplify long DNA fragment(20 kb).

Better Enhancement

unlike small molecule enhancers,GZL PCR enhancer is a unique DNA binding protein which can better solve high GC content (> 60%)and other complex problems during PCR. It can even remedy PCR with extremely low yield.

Easy to use

Users just need to add GZL PCR Enhancer in their reaction mix before PCR cycles, no pretreatment and incubation steps are required.

improve pcr yield

GZL pcr enhancer significantly improves PCR yield.



GZL PCR Enhancer

  Source: E.coli recombinant protein


  1. Conventional PCR
  2.  High fidelity PCR
  3. Help amplify complex replicon(e.g. hgh GC)
  4. Long DNA fagment PCR

 Concentration: 45 uM

  Storage: -20°C

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